The archive of works of Radical Adults Productions (R-A-P)

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examples: OBJECTS
Big Bubbles Big Troubles
(garbage bags, air, spraypaint) 2015, on display at Willem Twee art space Den Bosch NL
floating past the evidence of possibilities
spatial installation (basket balls, plastic chain, overal, sneakers, gold foil) 2010
PPPP (Pop Power Poetry Progress)
spatial design at Prince Charles Club (paper lamps with b/w copies) 2014
MS - Monumentum Silentium
(big format print on tyvec, tape, silver decoration curtains) Uckermark Festival 2016
(scenography) 2015; LOVEPIECE is a theatre production by Anta Helena Recke, on display at Junges Theater Basel
Butterfahrt - Alle muss raus! (detail)
(t-shirts with screenprint, felt scars, tiger carpets, “Chanel” plastic bags) 2018
Federal Offense
spatial installation (golden foil, live vests spray painted, coffee tables)on display at Lothringer 13 Munich, 2010
Concept Shop - black on white
conceptual shop installation (mixed media) on display at IC-Berlin and Badischer Kunstverein, 2002 & 2008
the options are blocked (detail)
(bath rugs, gold foil, mobile phone with sound loop) 2009, on display at Kunstbunker Nürnberg
the Okwui Shirt
(t-shirts with the portrait of curator Okwui Enwezor) 2002 & 2011
Golden Gestures
textile sculpture + performance (shirt, pants, golden foil, gold color, cloth hanger) 2011
Conjuration Coating
textile sculpture + performance (mixed media, piece for performance at the German Embassy London) 2010
KM (Jeder nach seinen Fähigkeiten, jedem nach seinen Bedürfnissen)
text sculpture (wood cut, acrylic binder, glitter) 2015
United Ladies of Amerika 2
table lamps (despicting all “First Ladies” of the U.S.A.) 2014
KM Lampe
(paper lamp with b/w prints) 2016
N.A.T.O. lamp
ceiling lamp (transparent blue paper, lamp shade foil, powdered glas) 2017
le tigre bariolé 3
carpet (carpet, textile & acrylic paint) 2014
le tigre dégradé
carpet (carpet, textile & acrylic paint) 2018
Shoe Schein
(pair of sneakers, spraypaint) 2008
democratic shoes (excerpt of installation)
(sneakers, golden color, hooks) 2010
the Stakes hang high
sculpture (wooden construct, felt, rope, formed colored feet, shoes, white lack) 2016
German Standards
digital collages, 2016 (fine-art print mounted on wood)
Warning: Graphic Content (House of Caraglio 2)
(carpet pieces mounted on wood) 2019